Mike Ferreira
Half Moon Bay City Council

Endorsed by:
San Mateo
League for Coastside Protection
San Mateo County Democratic Party

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I currently serve as Chair of the Planning Commission and have been a commissioner since ’98. I am a director of TV Azores and the League for Coastside Protection.

The November election for the Half Moon Bay City Council is critically important to the future of our community. There are many issues that face the voters, but I believe the most important concern facing our city is land use.

As we read in the HMB Review several weeks ago, some interests in the community have pledged a substantial war chest for this election to ensure a Council majority that will represent their interests. I need your help! I depend on my friends, neighbors and supporters to help win this election.

  • I Pledge to implement Measure D as it was envisioned by 64 percent of the voters. By this we mean a maximum of 1 percent growth per year — no exceptions! We thought that the issue was addressed when Measures D passed in November 1999. Now we find that the will of the people as expressed in Measure D is in jeopardy. If elected, I pledge to work for the implementation of Measure D as approved by the voters.
  • I Pledge to uphold the Half Moon Bay Local Coastal Program (LCP) and complete its update. Our city ’s LCP is the local portion of the California Coastal Act that balances various environmental and land-use issues in the long-term interests of protecting irreplaceable natural resources. I pledge to adhere to the LCP when faced with decisions.Our LCP favors in-fill development, which means giving priority to approving homes on existing lots on existing streets with existing infrastructure.
  • I Pledge to operate with the highest level of integrity . I have had asuccessful career and am committed to contributing to the city I love. I have no political aspirations other than to serve the citizens of HMB to the best of my ability.

I need your vote on November 6 and am also asking for your financial support.

What we leave to our children is what's at stake. During my term as a Half Moon Bay Planning Commissioner (Chairman in 2000 & 2001) I've developed a deep regard for the protectiveness of the Local Coastal Program. Although we are continuing to rewrite and strengthen our LCP, we need not wait for the completion of the rewrite to protect our coastal resources and neighborhoods. People of good will and resolve can do that now. The tools are there. Commitment is what is needed.

Complicated and controversial mega-developments are the wrong way to achieve amenities such as schools, libraries, or youth clubs. New income from visitor serving taxes needs to be fairly allocated toward assisting these priorities. I also believe there is sufficient new income to establish a substantial legal defense fund for our City. We must be able to defend ourselves from developer lawsuit threats.

The most important thing I've learned from my Planning Commission experience is to listen to the people. When people take the time to testify about issues in their neighborhood, they bring a first hand knowledge that no bureaucrat or developer can match. There is wisdom in the people. We only need to listen...

Committee to Elect Mike Ferreira, number pending